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Welcome to 2018! Whilst we are all enjoying this beautiful summer weather, we are in the midst of a heatwave and its important to ensure your garden's irrigation and mulching needs are met to ensure healthy growth and keep it looking good.

If you would rather spend your summer enjoying all that Queenstown and the surrounding areas have to offer than slaving over the lawn and the garden or you're an absentee Queenstown landlord and need your property's garden spruced up or regularly maintained to attract those high yield tenants or short term guests, contact Quentin on 021 784 828 or email our office at or 021 784 828 to see what we can do to help you!


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All the way from France, Quentin (Frog) our passionate, green fingered gardener is dedicated to completing your garden project (large or small) with quality results and a bit of French flair, on time, and on budget.

A snapshot

Are you thinking of landscaping your section, starting that new garden project or just need your currentgarden tidied up? Are you an overseas or absentee landlord with ongoing garden maintenance needs or are you so busy enjoying what Queenstown has to offer that you don't have the time to toil away in the garden? Our team can help. No job is too big or too small! 

We have the right equipment, and the right attitude and vision to help you achieve what you want with your property and make it look fabulous!

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Gardening tips of the week

How to help your garden cope during a heatwave 

* Water during the mornings and/or evenings

A heat wave can dry surface soil quickly. This is problematic as it dehydrates shallow roots, particularly with less established plants. Water is also lost through leaves in hot weather, so your plants will need a thorough watering. This should be done early in the morning to minimise evaporation loss and prevent leaf scald which can occur if leaves are watered while the blazing sun is directly overhead. In extreme hot weather such as that Queenstown and the surrounds is experiencing at the moment, young plants and nursery beds may need a second watering later in the day. 

* Don't forget the pots

Pay extra attention to plants living in pots, particularly terracotta ones. Start with a moisture-retentive soil mix made especially for potted plants and think about adding some water crystals which absorb up to 400 times their own weight in water. The water is then released back to the plants over time as they require it which can be the difference between life and death during a heatwave. Remember to water your potted plants and if possible, move pots into the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

* Mulch 

The first line of defense against hot weather, and against windy conditions which can dry surface soil, is to apply a liberal layer of mulch around the plants. This protects the soil from direct sun exposure, keeping it moist at the surface. Mulch also reduces evaporation of water from the soil which reduces the need for watering. 

The glut

Many gardeners will be 'suffering' through a glut right now.  How many more courgettes, beans or tomatoes can one possibly cope with?!!? There are many ways of ensuring that excessive supplies of fresh vegetables and fruit don't go to waste such as making sauces, salsas and soups and freezing them,  giving them to your friends (or colleagues to curry favour) or preserving them by tinning or canning them.


We can deal with your small section by push mower or, if you have a larger property we can bring out the big artillery - the ride-on mower, and have your property looking great in no time! Whether it's a one off or a regular thing, we can help.


Starting from scratch or does your garden need a complete overhaul? We will work with you to help you design and create a garden that you will love. We can design the garden, source the plants, and much more.

Garden maintenance 

Whether it's hedge maintenance, weeding, spraying, clearing leaves or carefully taking care of your garden's food or hydration needs while you're away, you can be sure that your garden is in the right hands and looking its best. 

Competitive rates 

Our philosophy is simple - we don't charge the earth and we do a quality job that leaves you feeling satisfied and your garden happy!

Contact us to discuss your needs and if necessary, we will come to view your property to assess what is required and give you a quote.

No call out charge for the initial property assessment! 

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* To be sure you are not using more water than your lawn needs, place several empty cans around your lawn area.

* After you have watered the lawn, measure the amount of water in each can.This not only tells you how much water you are applying, it also tells you how evenly the water is going in.

* Two or three inches of water per week (about an inch at a time) should be adequate.

* Fertilize every 4-6 weeks with a slow-release lawn food.

*Apply a pre-emergent weedkiller to control crabgrass and summer weeds.

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We are always interested in hearing from hardworking and passionate people with gardening experience. If you are keen to work for us, please email a CV through to


Contact Quentin (the Frog) on 021784828 or get in touch with our office by email at to discuss your next gardening project or maintenance needs today!

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